Friday, September 5, 2008

Done being quiet for so long

Regarding the Bristol Palin pregnancy: do you get a free pass on everything else if you are pro-life? And all the conservative media going on and on about how in real families "things happen". Of course things happen, which is exactly why you need real sex education, not some deluded abstinence only stuff that exactly no one believes in. And next time a conservative columnist laments about inner city kids for having kids out of wedlock, I'm gonna send them Bristol Palin spam.

Laugh of the day: This blogger opined that "Bridget McCain is a testament to John and Cindy's pro-life views". Whaa?? Bridget was already a living child with a cleft palate when the McCains adopted her. What exactly was pro-life about that?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

participative filmmaking

This post may turn into a mini novella, and a boring one at that, so be warned.

Well, I've been thinking a lot about turning a script for a mock reality piece I have into a film, but a lot stands in the way of ever getting it done. My excuses range from a young daughter to a 9-to-6 job to, well, the "Intelligent Designer" who decided randomly that there would be 24 hours to a day.

Given the situation, the key to getting my film made would be to split the entire filmmaking process into delegatable/distributed parts. The existing process is that way already - no single person writes, directs, shoots, edits and distributes film - not unless you're Steven Spielberg. Each of these is controlled by a different department.

Of these, to my mind at least, the most essential to getting a film made is to get the shots/footage for it. Without it, a film is just a bunch of papers stapled together. Combine that with the power of the Internet and cheap video/editing technology, and you got a low budget film.

Consider this:
- a script is published somewhere on the web
- people discover it, decide they like it, and decide to make a film with it
- through word of mouth, blogs, etc, more people become aware of it.
- people with camcorder wielding skills sign up to shoot any part of the film they like, and send the footage to a central place
- an editor sifts through the footage, decides what makes the cut and what doesn't and puts together a film.
- the film is published - again on the web. It's free to download, distribute. Whoever likes it donates whatever amount he feels like to the team that put it together, which divvies up the spoils, based on contribution to the final film.

This wouldn't work for all types of films - maybe reality TV type programs that have low production values in the first place, also maybe ensemble films that can be easily broken up into parts.

I'm dying to get this idea out, and maybe do a practise film or something. Let me know what you all think - I know there are really creative people that visit this site.

is anybody home?

Hellos my lovelies. Happy New Year to all of you. It's been a while, since I visited here. In these one and a half months since my last post:
- I've moved from an apartment to a home of my own.
- My daughter's going to a new daycare, and she hates it. I'm stressing over how her stressedness is affecting me.
- A [url=]child was clubbed to a coma with a baseball bat[/url] and people were debating her mode of death. It's perhaps only my mommy radar homing in more on these types of stories, but some days I feel like I can't bear it any more. I don't know what I can do that will help in anyway. In the big scheme of things, do our individual narratives matter?
- The 1 year anniversary of the tsunami happened, pushing me anew into a morass of guilt and helplessness
- I developed an apathy to my work. I don't want to work anymore than is absolutely necessary. I'm back to dreaming up stories, but too scared to tell myself to either get it done, or leave it to people with more talent in their grimy toenails than I will ever acquire in my lifetime.
- I became an expert Brickbreaker player :)
- I clung to my weight, despite the sugary holiday temptations that continue to make their way to my desk.
- Ate some kind of seafood, thinking it was artichokes. Surprisingly enough I liked it. I don't know, maybe I'll turn into a carnivore yet.
- Drank responsibly on New Year's, and it felt good.
- Looked up Bangalore White Pages online, and called an old friend at 6:00 am her time. I'm now sitting around wishing I hadn't called in the first place, because she hasn't responded to those four emails I sent.
- Have been lurking @ []Apartment[/url]. And here of course :)

This year, I want to:
- Write something and get it published - a story, a non fiction piece, a poem, a kid's story. Something, anything. Anything to see my name in print.
- Make more friends. One attempt at conversation with a stranger a week. I'm going to act like those Amway people, look out for segways into conversation with strangers. I've realized that my brooding silences are not really a choice, I don't like being that way.
- Improve my relationship with my dad.
- Be more patient with my husband and daughter.
- Prevent my holier-than-thou ethics from getting in the way of my having a good time. Maybe I'll steal sexy lingerie from a store or something ;)

Out of the woodwoork and into the maelstorm :)

So howz everyone doing? I haven't read a single entry here in almost a month, and the one day I decide to visit, there's a ruckus going on. Couldn't resist joining in. I'm sure we'll sort it out, more or less.

Life's been extremely hectic with the job and everything. We're moving to our new home during Thanksgiving, so I've started doing some packing, a lot of shopping. The little den that housed our desktop is now chockfull of furniture - wicker chairs, random unassembled Ikea stuff waiting patiently to be built into something of use, floor pillows. There's hardly any leg room anywhere.

I love the mess. I love the scattered clothes and toys and books jostling for space. It seems to me I have too much, and I'm paring down some of the stuff. It seems as if against my will, longing for my country, whining about this new land - I've still managed to hold on to somethings. I will make a home of this place yet.

ha ha

I had an alarmed reaction when I saw BL's new format, and it's taken a while for me to get my bearings back. But, I'm thinking this can work to my advantage - I don't have an avatar so if this blog shows up in recent entries, no one knows whose blog this is, unless you click on it. So if some people have been avoiding me like plague, you have no choice. Today's the day you visit me :D without preconceptions. Mwuaha ha ha.

You can probably tell I'm acting silly today. I'm down with the flu/cough, and have been told by my co-workers not to spread the germs around, so it's a bit like an unexpected snow holiday. I can patter around in my jammies, make myself soup, and generally have a nice time working by myself at home. To think, a few months back, this solitude was what I detested. How things change.


Several things have been haunting me this last week. It's a mish mash born of [i]21 grams[/i], the movie (if you haven't watched it, you should), the one year anniversary of the [url=]Beslan siege[/url], and a [url=]Newsweek essay[/url] by a girl whose family takes in foster children.

21 Grams is a beautiful exploration of death and grace, and the unknown ways in which grace can work. Despite its Christian theme, the movie has meaning for all of us. As has become typical in my life, my understanding of the movie had its fulcrum around the accidental death of the children.

I've been reduced to a wordless seething mess, and find the change in myself quite unsettling. I don't think I can bear to open the newspaper again, and read another account of children dying, anywhere in the world, accidental, intentional. I can almost understand why some people would want a God. Am I making any sense? I don't know.


Ok, I've given up trying to make a decent 30 * 30 px image for an avatar. Please guys let me know if there're sites you can download jpegs or gifs from.

Other than than, Bush's proposition to extend daylight savings by a month from 2007 has me up in a tizzy. I can't understand why a country would want daylight savings in the first place. Someone explained to me, on the way to work this morning, that it was established about 200 yrs ago to help farmers. In my poor Asian country, if it's too dark when you get up, you postpone going to your farm, you don't legislate time. Ah well...

And now when daylight saving's settled in, here comes Bush traipsing along, trying to change everything. Who does he think he is - master of the fourth dimension?