Saturday, March 8, 2008


Ok, I've given up trying to make a decent 30 * 30 px image for an avatar. Please guys let me know if there're sites you can download jpegs or gifs from.

Other than than, Bush's proposition to extend daylight savings by a month from 2007 has me up in a tizzy. I can't understand why a country would want daylight savings in the first place. Someone explained to me, on the way to work this morning, that it was established about 200 yrs ago to help farmers. In my poor Asian country, if it's too dark when you get up, you postpone going to your farm, you don't legislate time. Ah well...

And now when daylight saving's settled in, here comes Bush traipsing along, trying to change everything. Who does he think he is - master of the fourth dimension?

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