Saturday, March 8, 2008

disjoint thoughts

If you have escalators popping up in the daily course of your lives, you've probably noticed this by now, but... The bold announcements read "Right side for standing, left for walking" up/down the escalators. In the mornings, on their way to work, you'll find more of the right side standees, stragglers trying to prolong the journey to work by those additional seconds.

Evenings are different, evenings are fun. There's a flurry, feet getting in way of feet, curses flying, purses spilling secrets as nimble fingers search for Metropasses. Everyone's walking up or down, no one 'stands'.

Last evening on the Metro, there were announcements at every stop, telling us to make sure our fellow passengers were taking their belongings with them, and to report any suspicious activity. I noticed an Israeli man - at least I thought he was Israeli because of the Star of David locket on his necklace - staring at me. Maybe he thought I was beautiful (oh vain me!), or maybe I looked like a suspicious person. By journey's end, I was inexplicably sad, it felt like the world's innocence joyride is over now.

In other news, I defended my screenplay to my advisers. I was told my storytelling was "ok... sort of" and I've got a bunch of changes to make. But yay, it's over at least! And..... I got my first paycheck yesterday!!! All those dollar bills flying around me - it's an early Christmas. Muah!

My daughter is adjusting to daycare far better than I ever thought possible. On weekends, she walks around with her wicker basket, putting her milk bottles, and diapers into it, probably getting ready to go to daycare. Because I see so little of her, I go into guilt mode, and pamper her too much. But all in all, life feels so much more bearable now than a few months back. Tomorrow I might write in and say the opposite but we'll see then :)

Hellos everyone. I want to write back to everyone on their blogs, hopefully when I've mastered the art of staying up after 9:00 on a weekday, I'll be more active.

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