Saturday, March 8, 2008

Out of the woodwoork and into the maelstorm :)

So howz everyone doing? I haven't read a single entry here in almost a month, and the one day I decide to visit, there's a ruckus going on. Couldn't resist joining in. I'm sure we'll sort it out, more or less.

Life's been extremely hectic with the job and everything. We're moving to our new home during Thanksgiving, so I've started doing some packing, a lot of shopping. The little den that housed our desktop is now chockfull of furniture - wicker chairs, random unassembled Ikea stuff waiting patiently to be built into something of use, floor pillows. There's hardly any leg room anywhere.

I love the mess. I love the scattered clothes and toys and books jostling for space. It seems to me I have too much, and I'm paring down some of the stuff. It seems as if against my will, longing for my country, whining about this new land - I've still managed to hold on to somethings. I will make a home of this place yet.

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