Saturday, March 8, 2008

Founding a country

Every time I couldn't get along with someone else when I was a kid, I would threaten to go live by myself and what's more, start my own country. Today's Express (Washington Post's watered down version for metro rides) had an article on individuals doing just that - finding unclaimed pieces of land and creating their own countries. The guidelines are surprisingly restrictive:
- find land which is not the site of a dispute between two or more countries
- where no sign of prehistoric human activity has been discovered,
- and then filing a claim with the UN, no less.
No wonder separatists around the globe have a hard time getting themselves recognized.

Here's the link for [url=]Express[/url], the edition is available only as a pdf, so can't give a direct link to the article.

Restrictions not withstanding, I think it's a cool idea, and if I had the wherewithal to go land-hunting, I'd probably find a few rocks to call my own country by now. Pramland. I guess if privacy notions are taken far enough, that is how fragmented the earth can really get. Each individual for himself.
Thanks everyone for your comments on my previous blog :D

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