Saturday, March 8, 2008

Collaborative Art anyone?

In the spirit of Jenny's World Photography Day links, here're some other collaborative projects that are going on around the world. My favorite is the [url=]Degree Confluence[/url] project. The idea is to photograph intersections of latitudes and longitudes, and as someone on the site says, it frees one up from the fetters imposed by the need to be touristy, takes one off the beaten track.

Another one is []Phototag[/url] where disposable cameras with names like Zebra and Opossum are released into the wide world in public places. Finders are expected to takes photographs, pass it on to others, and when the film runs out, return it to project headquarters. The cynical me hehes at the idea of a cheapskate using these free cameras for birthday pictures of his snotty son, but that's the reason someone like me would never be able to start such a project. And yes, many of the cameras have come back from the wild. ( is a similar project, but with books)

I think Nick had written about [url=]lomography[/url] a few days back. I went back and read up more, and it seems such a fun way of looking at life. I don't have a Lomo camera, but I'd love to be emulate the principles with my digital one.

Today's goal - get an avatar! I've been promising myself, and never happy with the resolution I get, so today's the day....... Or this week. We'll see ;D

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