Saturday, March 8, 2008


For today, now, this instant at least.... I've been scrambling to get the finishing touches done on my screenplay, enjoying "last" naps with my daughter, shopping for officewear like I'm a prospective poster girl. There's dread, elation, worry, sick-brown feelings, excitement, greed all thrown into the mix. Monday is D-day, the end of a slower time, the beginning of a different life. I don't know - yet - what to make of it.

Initially there were blogladder withdrawal symptoms - then I realized life could go on without compulsively checking the site every few minutes. I lived. And so did you guys :) Thanks for your comments, much to ponder. Will write in more in the next few days.

Today I feel like being a show-off, so without much ado... check out a few pictures of my [url=]daughter here[/url]. I really love these ones :D

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