Saturday, March 8, 2008

feel the love

Lots of things have been happening! I got the job where I'd called at 12:00 Friday night! I'm having second thoughts because I've got another interview lined up for next week. Then I'd sent out an email query to a publisher about my collection of children's stories, and he said he wanted the hard copies, since they had the 'international flavor' they were looking for. You cannot believe how good these feel, even neither is a [i]bird in hand[/i] situation.

And then of course, blogladder is rocking these days. Have you noticed how all of us are back here - Debbe, Jenny, Ali, Nick. Generally happy with life, commenting, getting commented? It's got a lot to do with the newcomers too and the regulars and the special energy everyone brings, and GB who's got this thing hosted. I think mdhis was wondeirng in one of his blogs where we/this blogsite would be 20 yrs from now. I wonder too. Maybe this place will have evolved from a ladder, to a treehouse? Maybe there'll be an annual meeting of old-time Bloglads and Blogladies in Bombay or Belgrade? Who knows? For now I'm content with the company.

I'm feeling happy with life today. I sat down to get a sofa slipcover project done, but it went totally haywire on me. It was probably the most peaceful thing I've done all week. I was actually humming as I pulled out the stitches after my umpteenth mistake; I usually get crabby when things don't turn out perfect the first time. Please God let this new me last, it feels so good to be happy.

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